Sammy the Cat Banned!!!

Sammy the cat
Sammy the cat

NOTASULGA, AL (WSFA) - Sammy the Cat is out, for now. For the last decade he's been a fixture inside and outside of the Notasulga post office.

But recently a woman complained saying he doesn't pay federal taxes so he shouldn't be allowed inside the post office.

Now the community and former Auburn head football coach Pat Dye are helping to get Sammy back on the inside, and you can help too.

One resident bought Sammy his own PO Box.

If you'd like to send Sammy a note, mail it to:

Sammy the Cat 
PO Box 173
Notasulga, AL 36866.

For more on what the community is doing to support Sammy check out the story in the video player.