"Twiggy" the water skiing squirrel


Fort Worth, Texas got a visit from the famous "Twiggy" recently.

No not the model, but Twiggy the famous water skiing squirrel.

Twiggy is traveling with a boat show and made an appearance at the Fort Worth Convention Center.

Now you may think this is nuts but Twiggy is very popular.

The water skiing Twiggy, this one is Twiggy four by the way, has been performing for more than 27-years and has appeared in numerous books, magazines and even in the movies.
Just in case you're wondering, the water skiing squirrel started out as a joke, after her owner bought his daughter a remote control boat for her birthday.

He eventually told his friends he really got the boat so he could teach his pet squirrel to ski and he did.

The rest as they say is history.