Years-long drug investigation nets 13

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - It started in 2002 as a major drug trafficking investigation set on eliminating illegal substances in our state.

Now, authorities have a laundry list of people they say were behind a major drug operation.

It's an operation for the books. Ten local, state, and federal agencies scrambled for suspects and after an intense investigation 13 people were indicted, and a huge amount of drugs is off Alabama's streets.

The Drug Enforcement Agency, using wiretaps and help from local authorities, seized more than 5 kilos of cocaine powder and more than 50 grams of crack cocaine.

"The investigation has put a tremendous dent in the narcotics trafficking that's occurring here in the Middle District of Alabama," said Michael Bulgrin DEA resident agent in charge.

"We've used confidential sources, we've used undercover buys, we've used tracking name it. So doing all of that takes time," said Assistant U.S. Attorney Clark Morris of the seven year-long investigation.

Twelve of the people indicted in this case are from Alabama while the thirteenth man is from Mexico. He's being held in El Paso, Texas before authorities bring him here to Alabama.

Between the 13 suspects, 2 indictments and 43 counts all related to drug trafficking.

Authorities hope to rack up some more arrests as this investigation continues.

Many of the suspects have already faced arraignment and some are out of jail on bond.

The suspects are:

1. Fernando Valencia-Zavala a.k.a. Perrico of Mexico (Currently being held in El Paso, Texas)

2. Antioco Cabrera- Geronimo, a.k.a Carolos, of Enterprise, Alabama

3. William Charles Duff, a.k.a. Bill, of Samson, Alabama

4. Hasan Rasheed Abdulla of Grady, Alabama

5. Maurice Odell Kemmerlin of Geneva, Alabama

6. Michael Deanglo Hobdy of Troy, Alabama

7. Lydia Ann Cade of Samson, Alabama

8. John Lorenzo Pope of Samson, Alabama

9. Alfred Bernard Jones of Enterprise, Alabama

10. Lashonda Patrice Jones of Daleville, Alabama

11 Isaiah Naku Fluellen of Enterprise, Alabama

12. Rodney Maurice Pugh of Brundidge, Alabama

13 Delvecchio Arnes Potts of Troy, Alabama