Macon East teacher a Class Act

It's time for a little history lesson at Macon East Montgomery Academy.    And if anyone knows the history here, it's 4-th grade teacher Marjory Johnson, this weeks Cass Act.    "I was actually a graduate of Macon Academy in 1965," Johnson said.

She's been at the school 41-years.    "This place is very special it's the best kept secret in Montgomery."    A parent nominated her for the award, saying she's an exceptional educator who has deep feelings for every student.

You can tell Ms. Johnson loves 4-th grade.    "4th grade is real fun because we're old enough to get our hands on things, the kids are still eager to learn and they like the teacher."

Congratulations Ms. Marjory Johnson from Macon East Montgomery Academy, you're this week's Class Act.