Montgomery Public Schools considering closing 4 schools

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) -- It's a process no one wanted to happen, but with the Montgomery Public School system facing a $13 million revenue shortfall, administrators say the cuts need to come from somewhere.

"We've got to look at this not only from a standpoint of populating two new schools, but we have to look at this as a means of reducing our budget," said Superintendent John Dilworth.

That means four schools could be gone this fall:  Hayneville Road Elementary, Paterson Elementary, Pintlala Elementary, and Houston Hill Junior High School.

"There were schools in the vicinity that were being underutilized--that can accommodate these students," Dilworth explained.

Parents say that's not the point.

"Everybody knows everybody's kids, the teachers. Everything.  I mean, it's not just a school, it's a family there," exclaimed Jackie Campbell, mother of a student at Pintlala Elementary.

"We don't want to see our school or any school close right now," said Rhonda Brown, also a Pintlala mother.

Some moms say they'll make sacrifices if it means keeping a school close by.

"We can carpool or do whatever we have to do to get the kids there to keep the school open," explained Cynthia Gill of Pintlala.

Administrators say they'll welcome suggestions as they wind their budget even tighter.

"We will hear all that, and we will take that into consideration," he said.

With the potential for major changes on the horizon, parents stand ready to fight.

"If we have to come to every single meeting -- if I have to beat on Mr. Dilworth's door until he says that we're not going to close Pintlala, I'll do that," Brown said.

MPS is also trying to cut back on spending for library programs, technology purchases, textbooks, travel, and professional development, according to a press release.

The Board of Education will hold three community forums regarding the issue of possible school closings.

1.) Topic: Hayneville Road Elementary School, January 21st, 6:30PM at Hayneville Road Elementary

2.) Topic: Paterson Elementary and Houston Hill, January 22nd, 6:30PM at Houston Hill Junior High School

3.) Topic: Pintlala Elementary School, January 23rd, 6:30PM at Pintlala Baptist Church

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