Local girl headed to Washington, D.C. for Presidential Inauguration

In a week, thousands of people will head to Washington, D.C. to witness the historic presidential inauguration of Barack Obama.  In the crowd, a Montgomery student who will get a chance to attend the festivities because she simply wrote a letter to her congressman.

It's a letter based on hope.  A request written in pencil to see the inauguration of President Elect Barack Obama. "I sent the letter to Congressman Artur Davis to see if I could go see Barack Obama when he becomes President," says third grader Hannah Owens.  Within a few days of writing the letter, Hannah of Morning View Elementary got the news, she would be among the thousands to witness history.  "It's going to be part of history because Barack Obama is the first black President we ever had in America," says Hannah.  "I can describe in words how it makes me feel, I'm just so extremely proud of her because I mean, I never thought my eight year old daughter would write a letter that would amaze the congressman," says Nicole Owens, Hannah's mother.

The pomp and circumstance that surrounds the event isn't lost by this eight year old.  She's already picking out dresses to wear and she wants to take in some of D.C.'s historical sites.  In the end it will be the inauguration Hannah remembers and how she got there to witness history for herself.

Hannah says she is "anxiously happy" about attending the inauguration.  She plans to get her letter framed as a reminder of her trip.