Schrenker captured in Florida, attempted suicide

QUINCY, Fla. (AP) - An Indiana investment manager who tried to fake his own death arrived at a north Florida campground within hours of his pilotless plane plummeting into a bayou.

Caroline Hastings says Marcus Schrenker arrived Monday night on his motorcycle at the campground she and her husband manage in Quincy.

He paid cash for a one-night stay and bought a six-pack of beer.

Hastings says the 38-year-old man was nice and pleasant but was still at the campground Tuesday despite not paying for a second night.

Federal marshals say they tracked him down there last night after he sent an e-mail message.

Schrenker is in fair condition at a Florida hospital today after being found with a slashed wrist last night.

Authorities say he bailed out of his airplane over Alabama and sped off on a stashed motorcycle.

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