Wiregrass Newsroom: Program of 37 years faces possible cut

Headland, AL (WSFA) -- It's not just another class for the Naval Jr. ROTC kids at Headland High School.

It's fun, friends, and for some, a career.

But the Naval Jr. ROTC program at Headland is in jeopardy.   Requiring nearly $150,000 dollars per year to operate, the money's just not there next year.   And it's something NJROTC student Seth Sowell hates to see.

"It's been good for my high school year.  It kinda gives me encouragement to come.   It would be depressing.   It would be sad because this is the one thing I get to do [that's] fun at school," says Sowell.

But Sowell is only one of many who say losing the program could mean losing what they love.

"I wouldn't be as involved in school. I'd have nothing to do.  These are my friends.   And it would just kinda be like this meant nothing...two years of work meant nothing," says sophomore Jessica Jacobs.

Instructors say if they lose the program at Headland, it's likely they would never get it back.

"The odds are that we would never see an ROTC program here again," says Major Danny Odom, the Senior Naval Science instructor at Headland.

They're odds that could have lasting effects.

"We have some that would quit if they didn't have ROTC.  So, your drop-out rate is affected," says Odom.

But for now, the students give it their all, hoping to do the same next year.

Reporter: Melissa McKinney