$2 million in cocaine seized in Montgomery traffic stop

23 packages of cocaine won't make it to the streets
23 packages of cocaine won't make it to the streets

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A major drug bust went down in the capital city Thursday. More than $2 million worth of cocaine is now off the streets.

The drugs weren't sitting out in plain view, but that didn't stop specially trained officers from spotting them anyway.

Police laid out the evidence at a news conference late in the afternoon, huge blocks of cocaine wrapped in plastic covered the tables.

In all there were more than 23 kilos of the addictive drug.

Officers made the stop on Interstate 85 north after they noticed a truck violating traffic laws.

When the officers stop the vehicle they noticed there were modifications made to the truck that could be an indication it might be carrying drugs.

The driver apparently felt comfortable enough in his hiding abilities that he allowed the officers to search the vehicle.

After a few minutes officers discovered the jack pot.

"They were so confident that the officers were not going to be able to detect where they hid the drugs until they told them.."we just been stopped down the street by another agency, we're good" said MPD spokesman Captain Huey Thornton."

Police say this isn't their largest bust ever, but they do admit it will make the streets of Montgomery and where ever the drugs were headed a much safer place.

As for the suspects, police are not commenting on any arrests because this is still an ongoing investigation.