Wiregrass Newsroom: Business braving economic climate

Dothan, AL (WSFA) -- You might think it was a risky move.  At a time when many businesses are closing up shop, Tractor Supply Company just opened up.

An opening in early December was an early opening for the company.

Managers at Tractor Supply Company say they didn't even expect to be open by December.   But the Christmas rush ended up being a big boost for 2009.

"We were set for the spring set.   We were fortunate that we did get a little bit of Christmas mix which the month of December was outstanding.   We exceeded our sales goals tremendously," says manager Terry Witt.

But it's a feeling they had all along.  Managers say they weren't worried about the current economic climate.

"As long as we provide the service that we need to and that the products at the right price, then people will come," says Witt.

And businesses coming is exactly what Dothan is seeing.   Leaders say they expect ten businesses to finalize plans or open within the next six months.

"I think Alabama and our area particularly, we're still out-pacing the nation with where we are with our numbers.   When that happens it impacts different sectors in the economy.   And with some of the things we have here, I think it's opening up more opportunities to enhance some things with business," says Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce president, Matt Parker.

Managers for Tractor Supply say their investment in Dothan is proving favorable.

"I think it's going to be very conducive for everybody.   I have no worries that we'll be able to excel in this market in this economy.   As a company, they had no concerns about that either," says Witt.

No concerns at a time when for many concern is on the rise.

Reporter: Melissa McKinney