County Road 12 - Cats by Ella

The love of animals can do strange and wounderous things. But it's not everyday you turn the family business into a pet clearinghouse. Such is the case for a Montgomery shop that mixes fine art and felines and it can only be found down County Road 12.

Who wouldn't fall in love with the face of a kitten. "A lot of them are the ones that are death row inmates as I call them." Their days numbered.Their fates almost certain. They come here, to Ella's. A sort of last resort. Ella Martinowns the shop, "I try to take the ones from the shelter that someone will call and say. This ones numbers up. It's just been here too long or nobody's looking at it." She started her shop as a way to combine all her interest and make a little money too."Hodge-podge. A little bit of every artistic element. It's just what I see. It's just a mix. It's nothing that you can put a period or a style too. It's just some things I like and some things I don't."

About a year and a half ago she gave it a decidely feline flavor. "I always have been an animal lover it doesn't matter what it is. Even the pesky old squirrels. I'll do everything to avoid hitting one." It's the cats that have been the hit in this store. Although there were concerns. "People that were allergic to cats.People that didn't like cats, that I would loose customers and in actuallity it's been the opposite. I've gained customers."

What started as a one time only, adopt-a -pet day, has turned into a kitty cat carnival of feline frivolity and ella wouldn't have it any other way.  All of the cats and kittens come from the Elmore County Humane Shelter and all are looking for good homes.