Wiregrass Newsroom: Enterprise teen takes trip of a lifetime

Enterprise, AL (WSFA) -- It's not just any old trip for seventeen year old, Enterprise High student, Ashlea Carnley.

It's something she'll never forget.

"My grandma actually bought me a new memory card for my camera so I could take plenty of pictures," says Carnley.

Ashlea's doing what many wish they could--flying to Washington D.C. to watch history unfold at Barack Obama's presidential inauguration.

"I'm a really big history fan. It's going to be neat to see him in his inaugural address, then me like when I'm a grandparent be able to tell my grandkids, 'Hey, I was there. I remember when he said those words,'" says Carnley.

It was a teacher's nomination three years ago that put Ashlea in the National Young Leaders Conference--a program that's now giving her a chance she can't pass up.

"When I got the envelope I was like, 'this is really cool,' and then I showed it to my grandma, and she's like, 'you're going to this! you're going to this!' So I was like, 'ok, you don't have to convince me!'"

For mom, the feeling is one of excitement mixed with just a little apprehension.

"I'm nervous too. Her being away and everything. But I'm excited.  It's an opportunity she can't pass up. I would have never done this, and that's what is exciting to me. She's somebody that would step outside and do something adventurous like this," says Christy Todd, Ashlea's mother.

And mom's one piece of advice?

"Don't sleep! Try to enjoy everything!" says Todd.

Enjoying everything--something Ashlea's sure she can handle.

"Oh, I definitely feel very blessed and it's just an awesome experience."

Reporter: Melissa McKinney