Crews find Flight 1549 black box

NEW YORK (AP) - After hauling the plane out of the Hudson, salvage crews have plucked the black boxes from a US Airways jetliner that splashed down in the river on Thursday.

They have been packed into blue coolers and will be shipped from New York City to Washington.

Crews spent a day struggling with icy waters and the craft's immense weight, estimated to be 1 million pounds while below the surface, to hoist the wreckage from the water.

Much of the top half of the plane appears untouched.

But the underbelly, shredded and torn up, tells of the plane's crash landing.

After working late into the evening, the mood on the shoreline turned festive as the plane began to rise from the water.

The plane ended up in the river after colliding with birds.

Everyone onboard survived.

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