Officer's intersection labeled 'dangerous' by City

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) -- If you've traveled Troy Highway, you know how dangerous a busy commute can be.

Case in point: a near fatal accident involving Officer Josh Broadway, 21, as he traveled through a tricky intersection.

"That's a thoroughfare going north and south, so it's continuously busy," said Montgomery Police Chief Art Baylor.

This isn't the first crash to take place at Troy Highway and Virginia Loop Road.   In fact, they happen quite often.  The City of Montgomery, according to police, labeled the intersection the 9th most dangerous of 2007--with nearly 80 collisions.

Local motorists aren't surprised.

"Some people run the lights.  There's a lot of traffic up there around the tire place.  It gets clogged up," said Antonious Braxton, a Montgomery resident.

If it's not cars trying to beat the red light, drivers say trucks on Troy Highway can also pose a threat.

"You have a lot of truckers drive down here, and you have a lot of people commuting back and forth from troy and their jobs down here, and it's a hectic area," said Tim Harris of Montgomery.

With a young man now fighting for his life, friends of Officer Josh Broadway say the crash at the rough patch of road opened their eyes.

"Just to be more careful.  Just be aware of your surroundings  and be careful.  That's all I can say," explained Anna Davis, Broadway's friend.

"When you're in a hurry, the person next to you is in a hurry.  You have to be more careful.  It makes you realize you can go to work one day, and the next day it's different," said Glennda Hollon, also a friend of the young officer.