Crime Hits Highland Home Volunteer Fire Department

A rescue is in order for the Highland Home Volunteer Fire Department in Crenshaw County. The suspect somehow knew the 3-number combination, got inside and pried open the office door, and key box as well.

"They apparently didn't find what they're were looking for," said Highland Home Volunteer Fire Department President Stephen Wilson.

But once near the fire trucks, the suspect found something to their liking; a 60-pound, $12,000 extrication equipment, similar to what you see here.

"We use it for accidents, commonly referred to as the 'jaws of life,' said Wilson.

Wilson added 'I don't understand why anyone would want this piece of equipment unless you're in the fire department business.'

One reason why this might be an inside job. After all whoever did it knew the combination, but didn't steal the television set or the two air tanks worth $10,000. Still, Stephen Wilson would be very surprised if that's the case.

"I don't know of anyone that is angry with us," said Wilson.

The Crenshaw County Sheriff's Office is investigating but no leads so far.

Wilson says this is the most bizarre thing he's ever seen as a volunteer firefighter. It's about as low as breaking into a church.

"We're here to help people. We have a very limited budget," said Wilson.

While some may consider the crime a little odd, Stephen Wilson looks at it as downright dangerous because for right now, it comes down to this for the Highland Home Volunteer Fire Department.

"If we need it (jaws of life) today, we wouldn't have it," said Wilson.

Wilson says the department bought the equipment brand new 4 years ago but they do have insurance to cover the loss.