Editorial: Inaugural Glow

Editorial            Inaugural Glow 1-20-09

Hope and optimism cascade through the countryside this week.

Exuberance and excitement over our new president resound most from younger Americans.

They believed their man should and would lead the nation when older leaders questioned his electability.

We should bottle that enthusiasm to spread throughout the challenging days to come.

Governing invariably gets tougher as the months pass and the problems mount.

Patience is a virtue most of us need more of and patience and perseverance will be needed now more than ever.

Our litany of major concerns was not birthed overnight and will take time to resolve.

But maintaining a positive outlook and approach fosters better outcomes every time.

We tend to sour too quickly on our optimism.

The next 100 days will be heady.

Let's keep our heads for the many hundred more that will follow.