King supporters remember birthday and look to future

Montgomery, AL (WSFA) -- "Yes, we can!" They're words chanted by many as the streets of downtown Montgomery became a celebration space.  And they're words many have tucked away, waiting and hoping for the chance to see Dr. Martin Luther King's vision become a reality.  And today, many say they felt it was.

"It's wonderful and it's a blessing, and I'm just happy today...overwhelmed," says Ferlisi Turner.

The birthplace of the civil rights movement, bustling with activity as hundreds lined and walked the streets--some singing, cheering and celebrating.

And for Turner, the celebration isn't just a birthday. It's a chance for something new.

"It's been a long time coming for us. It's just, it's just amazing. Everytime I watch everything, what's going on in Washington, I just get overwhelmed and I start crying. I'd be like, 'thank God.' I feel like a change is going to come," says Turner.

It's a change many say is King's dream finally coming true.

"The dream has been fulfilled. It's been fulfilled. And I'm happy," says King supporter, Jamel Brown.

"When you look out in the crowd and see blacks and whites are finally uniting as one, it feels good to be a part of something. It's a good feeling when you're doing something good," says King supporter, Willie Knight.

A good feeling. The same feeling Turner has about the President Elect.

"I feel like the upcoming year and years to come, he's going to do some things. He's going to overturn some things and make some changes."

It's change, these supporters hope for in the future.

Reporter: Melissa McKinney