Head Elementary School Teacher a Class Act

One word at a time, her first graders are learning how to read.    Ms. Kerri Shaffer from Head Elementary School in Montgomery is this week's Class Act.     "I have 3 little ones at home and they like to have fun, so I like to do that with my students, we try to have fun and learn while doing it," Shaffer said.

You can feel the excitement in her classroom.    When she asks a question the kids hands fly up to answer them.    Ms. Shaffer has taught here for 4-years and been a teacher for 10-years overall.      For her it's a give and take relationship with her first graders.   "I put a lot of responsibility on them, so I let them put the responsibility on themselves to work and do their best."

And they follow her example, doing their best everyday at Head Elementary School. Congratulations Ms. Kerri Shaffer, you're this week's Class Act.