ASU hosts Inaugural bash

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) -- As President Barack Obama took the oath of office, the nation's first black Commander-in-Chief began an administration based on change.

After generations, a town steeped in Civil Rights history celebrated a new era.

"You had the Civil Rights movement go on right here.  This is a good celebration.  The real celebration is in Washington, but we wanted to be able to show that we could have a good time, too," explained Tony Cobb, ASU's SGA Treasurer.

Though younger generations hosted the celebration, Civil Rights leaders also came to take note of how far the country has come.

"Think back to Montgomery in 1955, and remember that those 50,000 black people who boycotted the busses for over a year--if they were all here, they could all rejoice and say, 'We did it,'" explained the Reverend Robert Graetz.

A major accomplishment and a model for younger generations.

"Anything is possible.  If you want to be the President, you can be the President someday," said Victoria Dowdell of Montgomery.