8-year-old spends days with dead mom

An 8-year-old Michigan boy is in foster care after police found him living alone with his deceased mother.

Police said the boy went to a Romulus party store and attempted to purchase food with his mother's expired credit card around 1 p.m. on Monday.

Party store workers alerted police after the boy said, "My mom's in a better place."

Store owner Layth Saco said he could tell something was wrong.

"He kept hesitating," Saco said.  "He was distant, a little nervous and scared."

Police said the boy had been home-schooled.

Police are unsure of how the mother died and how long she may have been dead in their home at the Sky Harbor apartments.

There are no signs of foul play and it appears she died of natural causes.

The boy survived on eating dried rice, butter and flour.

"He said he was angry. And when he was asked why he was angry, he said now he doesn't have anybody," said Lt. John Leacher.

The boy and his mother moved to Michigan after surviving Hurricane Katrina.

The boy's father died a few years ago.

Investigators are looking for family members in Louisiana and Detroit.

Anyone with information on any family members should call police.