Congressman Bright votes against TARP bill

Statement from Congressman Bobby Bright on why he voted against the bill:

"Yesterday, I voted against the TARP Reform and Accountability Act.  While I applaud the efforts to make TARP funds more transparent and accountable and I am glad this bill focused on Main Street and not just Wall Street, I could not support its final passage because it endorsed the use of taxpayer money to pay for bad business practices and paved the way for more automobile manufacturer bailouts.  I continue to disagree with the principle behind bailouts because they reward mismanagement at the expense of the American taxpayer.  That's why I voted today in favor of the resolution disapproving the release $350 billion in additional money for the bailout.

"There's no doubt we're in tough economic times, and Congress should focus on creating jobs and protecting the ones we have.  This legislation does not do enough to help hard-working Americans and address fundamental problems that plague our financial markets."