Goodwyn Junior High Teacher is a Class Act

Veronica Hill is a social studies teacher at Goodwyn Junior High. She finds way to bring the lessons of history to each of her students. 8th grader Hali Brown says she's learned about, "mummies and different things. About the pyramids and the rivers and different places of Earth."

Classmate Mark Thomas adds, "if we don't know about our history and if they did bad in the past... then it'll make it worse for us in the future."

Hill spent nearly 20 years as an insurance agent, before she followed her heart to become a teacher. As a student she admits social studies wasn't always her favorite subject. "As a matter of fact I hated it with a passion. And when I went to college my first assignment, my history teacher had me out on the football field and he had us making a teepee; and when you have to learn all aspects, the manual labor of it, it meant so much more," she says.

Now her teaching style is loaded with hands-on projects. Students wrap mummies, make pyramids and Roman mosaics. Principal Marie Kostick says, "they're (students) forced to do a little more research than what's in the book. They're forced to expand on what's in the book, and I think that's good."

Hill spent 15 years as a volunteer firefighter and also serves as a volunteer on preservation work at Fort Morgan.