Web weight loss

MONTGOMERY, AL., (WSFA) -- How are you doing with your New Year's resolutions? According to some surveys out there, the top goal for most Americans is losing weight and getting in shape.

Those same surveys that show weight loss as the top resolution, also show that right about now is when those resolutions start losing their resolve.

But there is some good news for you dieters. There are several websites aimed at keeping you on track and motivated.

One of the best online sites for dieting has to be Spark People. It's free and meant to give you support, advice, and perhaps most importantly tools to track your nutrition and exercise.

A key part is the community. You can plug in with others who share your goals. Spark teams are organized around common interests, even local cities and towns.

A key to losing weight is writing down everything you eat. And the site, I think that does that the best is called Calorie King. Alas, this one is a membership site. They charge $74 a year. But it has a terrific database of foods, listing calories, and nutritional values, as well as exercised and how much they'll burn. They also offer online training in controlling your eating and helping get the best plan for you.

For fitness, my favorite site is Fit Day. Its online services are free too. On Fitday You keep a diary of your food and exercise and it analyzes the information and lets you instantly see how you're doing that day in reaching your goals

Finally, for real incentive try this: For $25 The Fit Pics website lets you mail in a fat "before" picture of you. They then it send you back a picture of what you'll look like after you lose the weight. How's that for motivation

Ready to jump start those diet and exercise resolutions? Head over to these direct links to get started.