Poo Poo profiteers

Can you imagine getting behind this guy on the interstate?
Can you imagine getting behind this guy on the interstate?

DENVER, CO. -- The National Western Stock show is going on in Denver and one of the largest events of its kind has all sorts of attractions.  One attraction proves that somebody's waste is another's treasure.

If the National Western Stock show were a working farm, it would be the largest in Colorado.

15,000 head of livestock or, depending on how you look at it, 15,000 tail.

For a local company, Permagreen Organics, it's the ultimate come-from-behind business strategy.

Permagreen scoops this poop for free.

In 8 months, it'll be compost.

Now it's just stinks to high heaven.

Todd Blake hauls four semi-trucks full of feces each day.

He takes it 25 miles north to a field in Weld County where it's dumped and spread into row after row of steaming piles.

Alright, fine. So some of you have got to be saying that this point, all this is is a bad attempt to get a series of juvenile jokes on television and you don't think this is very funny. Well, I think you're full of...

Inside this 100-year-old farm, they add a little stock show to each bag which is a good reminder whatever leaves the stock show on the bottom of your boots is complimentary.