Former Secret Service Agent now Director of Alabama Department of Public Safety

"I had experiences I never thought a kid from Alabama would get to have," Colonel Chris Murphy tells us.

Murphy - now the Director of the Alabama Department of Public Safety says his experience with the secret service took him around the world. He says he worked with, "Kings, queens, presidents and vice presidents."

Watching the inauguration of Barack Obama, he caught more than the average eye. Murphy remembers his first inauguration with President George H.W. Bush.  He recalls, "I was right in front of the reviewing stand and it was cold that day."

To be a secret service agent you have to be mentally and physically tough. They constantly that put them through every imaginable scenario. "Your guard has to be up," says Murphy.

Murphy is proud of his time with the Secret Service and the fact nothing happened on his watch. He says, "It makes me proud to be an American and what we do. I feel like I served my country."

Murphy worked with the Secret Service for more than 20 years under four presidents.