Wiregrass Newsroom: Farmer waits for peanut recall's end

Brundidge, AL (WSFA) -- Carl Sanders knows peanuts.

"I started farming in 1976, so that would be 32 years."

But this year may be a little different.  The recent recall of many peanut products means demand is going down.

"People are really afraid to eat peanut products," says Sanders.

That's making it harder for Sanders to sell his crop.

"Contracts are not being offered right now for 2009 production of peanuts. We can't make plans on what we're going to plant on these different fields. We've got to decide soon, and we still don't have any contracts offered," says Sanders.

Sanders says he has to know by May 1st who he's contracting with, or it could greatly reduce this year's peanut production.

"Hopefully something will come out soon, by the middle of next month anyway.  If not, then you just have to make plans.  If we're not going to plant peanuts on that field in May, we need to be doing something else before then."

Sanders says something else might mean an increase in corn or cotton which would take the place of possibly 300 acres of peanut production. But leaders say they don't think the incident will hurt the industry in the long run.

"If peanuts are produced in the United States, they're going to be produced in the three southeastern states. So as long as there's a peanut market, where the U.S. is a part of it, I think our area's going to be involved in it," says Randy Griggs with the Alabama Peanut Producers Association.

But for now, Sanders waits, hoping things pick up in time for peanut picking.

"We're just in limbo. Uncertainty always makes you a little nervous."

Reporter: Melissa McKinney