Organizations offer assistance to fallen officer's family

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) -- It's a situation no one ever wants to happen. The death of a public safety officer like Ofc. Josh Broadway stings especially hard.

"We hurt.  I wouldn't say just as much as the family..but we're a close second," explained Captain Huey Thornton of the Montgomery Police Department.

With that in mind, there's almost always a safety net for the families of the fallen as they cope with their loss--and major expenses.

"It's something we have to be prepared to deal with and we have a good system of dealing with it," Thornton said.

Since Broadway died after an accident, MPD will give his family twice the young officer's salary.

The State and Federal governments will also pitch in to help because Broadway died from injuries sustained in the line of duty.

"[The money is used] to take care of whatever things Josh would've been able to take care of had he been here to work," Thornton explained.

Don't forget the kindness of the private sector.  Nearly 100 local businesses and organizations make up the Public Safety Insurance Fund to help families like the Broadways.

The young officer's family will get $10 thousand dollars from PSIF.

"There are officers that don't realize they don't have this insurance.  They don't realize it's there for them everyday, but when something happens to them, we're there for them," said Grant Sullivan, co-founder of PSIF.

It's a contingency founders say is well deserved to anyone who protects the public.

"It's a wonderful way for people to show law enforcement--the community--how appreciative they are for what they do," explained Jerry Willis, also of PSIF.

Though the PSIF does offer help to the families of officers killed on the job, it's designed to assist during off-duty circumstances--giving some families $60,000 worth of assistance.