FBI: Former Decatur officer had evidence money

DECATUR, Ala. (AP) - The FBI has filed a criminal complaint against a former Decatur police supervisor accused of stealing evidence money from the department's Organized Crime Unit, then fleeing to Las Vegas.

According to court documents filed this month, federal agents found former Decatur police Sgt. Faron White in Las Vegas with $10,000, including two $100 bills seized by his unit.

FBI Special Agent Patrick W. Stokes said in the complaint that authorities found the bills with serial numbers that matched bills seized in 2008 and should have been in the unit's safe.

Stokes also stated that White, who is accused of staging his own disappearance before fleeing, stole more than $5,000 from the department.

He remains in federal custody at the Shelby County Jail in Columbiana, with a hearing set for Friday in federal court in Birmingham.

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