Alabama Medicaid Agency pushing for Technology

Alabama's Medicaid Agency is calling on all physicians to go electronic. They say it's time to put away those traditional clipboard-holding paper charts and enter the electronic health records age.

Kim Davis-Allen isn't a doctor, but one look at the electronic health record and she knows a patient's health history.

"It's web-based, any doctor anywhere has access to the information," she says. "It helps in making a decision," says Davis-Allen with the Medicaid Agency.

Alabama is among the first states given a grant to initiate the Q-tool, a system of electronic health records.

"Electronic health record information includes medicaid, blue cross and any information a doctor puts in, all in one application," says Davis - Allen.

The idea is to help physicians better manage Alabama's Medicaid patients.

Our state medicaid agency is able to offer what it calls "mini-grants" to physician offices, helping them buy the necessary equipment such as software and printers.

It's hoped that will encourage more doctors to put away the familiar paper chart and step into the electronic age.