Governor warns gambling machine makers - Montgomery Alabama news.

Governor warns gambling machine makers

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Manufacturers of numerous gambling machines found in Alabama gambling halls will soon find a letter in their mailbox from Governor Bob Riley.

The message: Prosecution if they are in violation of state gambling laws.

Governor Riley's press office says the letters were drafted after an investigation of gambling halls in the Governor's Task Force on Illegal Gambling.

"It has been discovered that several manufacturers and/or providers of gambling devices appear to be engaged in unlawful gambling activity in Alabama. We understand that at least one provider has already begun the process of removing its gambling devices from establishments in Alabama.  The purpose of this letter is to put your company on clear notice of the law and our intent to enforce it," wrote Governor Riley in the letter.

"I am deeply concerned that many manufacturers, providers, and business operators may have a mistaken impression about the legality of certain activities.  It is out of this concern that I provide you this notice of the law and a fair opportunity to withdraw from any business activity in Alabama which could be determined to constitute unlawful gambling activity or use of illegal gambling devices.  So that there is no misunderstanding, I fully intend to carry out my constitutional duty to faithfully execute the laws of Alabama," the Governor's letter states.

Nine manufacturers were included in the letter including: Gateway Gaming of Piedmont, South Carolina; Hest Technology of Haltom City, Texas; Cadillac Jack, Inc. of Duluth, Georgia; American Gaming Systems of Canoga Park, California; Select Electronic Devices of Greenville, South Carolina; Nova Gaming, LLC of Greenville, South Carolina; Bally Technologies of Las Vegas, Nevada; International Game Technology of Reno, Nevada; and Multimedia Games of Austin, Texas.

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