Editorial: County Commissions

Interesting comparisons of County Commissions this week.

Montgomery's commissioners reveal they are working with a non-profit group to explore a toll road and public/private partnership as a way to get the Outer Look project connecting Interstate 85 east of Montgomery to Interstate 65 south of the city completed.

Birmingham's commissioners vote to pay nearly a million dollars to a D.C. lobbying firm to go after federal assistance to help with the county's $3.2 billion sewer debt crisis - on the same day plans to combat lobbyist influence over disbursing federal funds are announced!

The lunacy continues in Birmingham with no end in sight to their continued missteps that led to the $3.2 billion sewer debt in the first place.

In Montgomery, visioning a plan that can be executed in difficult financial times to position for future growth rules the week.

If there is any doubt that a community thrives if its leaders are strong, this week should remove it.

Be glad we live in this area!