Jones for Sheriff

When Dan Jones was our sheriff, Montgomery County was one of the safest counties in Alabama.

Let's get tough on crime!

To volunteer, contribute or request campaign materials and yard signs, please contact

Dan Jones at (334) 272-3755

or via email at .

LEADERSHIP – Under Dan Jones' leadership, the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office was ranked as one of our nation's best law enforcement agencies.

FIGHTING CRIME – Dan Jones continuously added more skilled law enforcement officers while staying within his budget.

BALANCED BUDGET – Dan Jones had a balanced budget every year he served as Sheriff of Montgomery County.

As your sheriff, Dan Jones established a MODEL CRIME-FIGHTING FORCE with

The Juvenile Division – Targets violent juvenile crime

The Neighborhood Watch Program – Helps protect our community

The DARE Program – Teaches children about the dangers of drugs

Citizens Academy – Trains volunteers, promotes public safety, keeps citizens informed about the office

TRIAD – A working partnership with retired and older citizens to reduce criminal victimization of senior citizens