Wiregrass Newsroom: Wiregrass wish lists for stimulus money

Dothan, AL (WSFA) -- Whether it's bridges, highways, or even schools, everyone wants a piece of the stimulus pie-- including leaders in the Wiregrass who are keeping their fingers crossed.

While many counties aim to re-vamp highways and roads, Houston county leaders say there's one project they'd love to see happen.

"I think the main project I'd like to see is a water expansion and potentially sewer expansion down the Highway 231 corridor.   We believe that corridor is going to grow," says Houston county commission chairman, Mark Culver.

Culver says the project could pave the way for permanent development and more jobs in the county.

"That's exactly the kind of project that should be funded to me, one that generates jobs now, but also lays the infrastructure and framework for people to come and locate their businesses and create opportunity in the future," says Culver.

But it's a different story in Coffee county.   While road work is high on the list, so is Enterprise High.

"We're probably $9 million dollars short.   We're hoping that the education funds that are passed down through the state, that we're able to take and hopefully accommodate some of those to finish up our school project out at the high school," says Enterprise mayor, Kenneth Boswell.

Geneva county commissioners say a new jail, road work and a new animal shelter are tops on their list.  Both Henry county and Dale county leaders say road improvements take priority.

Authorities with the Association of County Commissions of Alabama say if the current House bill is adopted, ALDOT may receive $575 million dollars to allocate to road projects statewide.

Reporter: Melissa McKinney