Creating that Super Bowl art

Charles Fazzini's art is seen and appreciated in 22 countries and 600 art galleries.

He is often commissioned to create art for many big special events.

From an NFL all-star game to the Bejing Olympics to even the Grammy Awards.

But the big one has been the Super Bowl for the last nine years.

Fazzini says he is always trying to think of ways to make his next piece of work more exciting than the last.

And in a process that takes weeks and even months, he tries to capture the excitement of the event through his use of color and his 3 dimensional style of art work.

Fazzini says he wants the viewer to feel like they are there.

"I give them something to hang on their wall to remember the event," Fazzini said.

He thinks the reason for his success is that his artwork is not intimidating.

That it's light hearted and happy.

He says that's why it appeals to adults and kids alike.

Fazzini calls himself a kid and says that is why he is still having fun after 25 years.