Daniels and "Louis Vuitton" learn their fates

MONTGOMERY, AL., (WSFA) -- It was a story that made national headlines, a dog beaten and burned while still chained to a tree.

On Friday the case finally came to a close at a Montgomery County Courthouse. In a nearly empty courtroom Juan Daniels learned his fate.

For torturing and burning his family dog Daniels will spend the next nine years and six months in prison. He is also ordered to pay restitution.

The maximum amount of time the judge could've given the man, who plead guilty to the crime, was 10 years in jail. What he received is believed to be the longest ever sentence in Alabama for an animal cruelty case.

On WSFA 12 News at 10:00 we'll look at sentencing guidelines for cases like this one.

The dog, named "Louis Vuitton" after the famous fashion designer, suffered for many months as Montgomery Humane Society workers nursed him back to health. The day Daniels learned his fate, Louis learned his too.

An official adoption was announced Friday. The Hartley family heard about Louis' plight over two years ago and brought the animal McDonalds hamburgers and other treats.

"He's the bed hog and the couch hog and every night we go home and sit with 'Louis the lap dog', and that's what he is," said new owner Dee Hartley. "He is wonderful. How anyone could do it is unimaginable to me..."

Louis now has six other dogs and cats that will probably keep him company for the rest of his days.