Wiregrass Newsroom: Two options for new Carroll High School site

Ozark, AL (WSFA) --  Andrew Swain owns a Sears store in downtown Ozark.   It sits close to the current Carroll High School. With one option being to rebuild the school in its current location, Swain says keeping it close to downtown could help Ozark.

"With the traffic coming through for the football games, baseball games, basketball games.   I think it would be a great confidence boost for all the business owners as well as a great economic boost for all the downtown business owners," says Swain.

But that's just one of the options mentioned to citizens at a series of public information meetings held this week.   The second?  Building in a completely new location on Highway 231.   Leaders say this option could bring more visibility to the school and provide opportunities for expansion in the future.

Regardless of where they decide to build the new school, there's still one thing in question. How are they going to fund it?  Leaders say it could mean an increase in taxes.

"Clearly we're going to have to have a tax referendum to get the job done," says Ozark City Schools superintendent, Mike Lenhart.

Getting the job done--a tax increase is something one mom doesn't mind.

"I would personally be for it.   I think that if that's what it takes to get a new high school, then the people of Ozark are going to have to seriously consider it," says parent, Pam Carroll.

Lenhart says he's very optimistic a referendum will pass.

"There was a lot of head nodding when I said taxes.   People understand that Ozark needs a new high school."

And that is what city leaders and citizens say it's really all about.

Reporter: Melissa McKinney