Wiregrass Newsroom: Bright visits Wiregrass

Ozark, AL (WSFA) -- Doctor Charles Smith has spent much of his life in Ozark.

"I came to Ozark in 1969," says Smith.

Now forty years later, Smith says the city has big needs.

"I think the people in Ozark are excited about the possible opportunity of getting a new high school.  We need a new small hospital," says Smith.

But he's not the only one pulling for those coveted dollars.

During a trip to Ozark this week, Congressman Bobby Bright made his plans clear after voting 'no' to the House version of the bill last week.   He wants relief for the Wiregrass.

"I will be out there kicking and scratching, and pulling and influencing as many people as I possibly can to bring every resource we possibly can back to the Wiregrass and to district two," says Bright.

The stimulus bill will go to the Senate this week.   And if changes are made it'll go back to the House.  Congressman Bobby Bright says there would have to be some big changes made before he votes 'yes' to the bill.

"We need to go right to the need and the need is jobs and stabilization.   And that's what I'm for.   And that's the type of stimulus package we need.   Hopefully we'll be able to get that before it's all over with," says Bright.

Bright's idea of the need?

"More money used for infrastructure.   Infrastructure doesn't just mean highways and bridges, it means schools and hospitals."

Regardless of the amount, Smith believes any stimulus money will help Ozark in more ways than one.

"I think it would just give a new attitude to the whole town.   And I think everybody's excited that this is possible," says Smith.

Excited and hopeful the funds make it down south.

Reporter: Melissa McKinney