Businesses experience Super Bowl boom

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) -- As Super Bowl XLIII kicked off, business skyrocketed.

In Montgomery, residents made last minute plays at pizza parlors and grocery stores, trying to get enough food and drink before the big game.

Managers say the Sunday showdown spiked sales.

"You have to order about twice as much food for the week.  Then, you just bulk your staff up and get ready," explained Ron Johnson, manager of Little Caesars on McGhee Road.

What about those people who may not care for the Cardinals or support the Steelers?

Some local stores offered deep discounts to attract customers who weren't watching the big game.

"We had a Super Bowl sale. If you buy one clearance item, you get one half off.  [It's worked]pretty well," said D'Alice Rowe, General Manager at The Crate, a women's clothing store in Montgomery.

Then, there were others who traded one big screen for another, traveling to movie theatres to substitute films for football.

"We just enjoy getting to go to the local football games.  You know, Auburn and Troy.  We don't care too much about the Super Bowl Sunday," said Barbara Harrington of Montgomery.

Still, faithful sports fans say they just can't break the habit.

This is tradition for me and my son.  We've been doing this for 17 years.  He's 17 years old. So, it's a great tradition," explained Lee Helms of Montgomery.