Guest Editorial: Positive Change

Today, just a few weeks after America has sworn in our 44th and first African American

President, Barack Hussein Obama, it is now time for us to settle down, buckle up, and get

down to business. We as African Americans can not sit in anticipation, waiting on

President Obama to fix the crime and mayhem that plagues our communities.  It takes each

of us TO SAVE US.  No longer can we ignore, or justify the actions of those who continue

to destroy our neighborhoods with drugs, violence and a total disregard for contributing to

POSITIVE change.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream that became reality on Jan. 20th when President

Obama was sworn into office.  Even though they lived in different times and used different

methods, they dreamed the same dreams, and they fought the same fights.  So, as we

embark upon this month of celebrations, observations, and commemorations, let us

commit to honor all those who shared in the struggle by reaching out to the next them we love them, teach them, train them, encourage them...who

knows, either one of them could grow up to be the next Dr. King or President Obama.

Barbara Mays