Woman falls into donation box, dies

A Mississippi woman is dead after becoming trapped in a clothing donation box and freezing to death.

Police received a call early last Wednesday morning about Sinoba "Bebe" Jackson being stuck in the box.

She was trapped on the other side of a hinged door.

Holly Springs Police Chief Robert Pearson was one of the first on the scene.

"Once she got in there, the back of her head got hung up in the machinery," he said.

Pearson says no one was able to see Jackson because the donation box faced away from the street in a supermarket parking lot, and she became trapped after the store had closed.
"The preliminary autopsy report indicates she died from hypothermia," the police chief said.
He says temperatures dipped below 20 degrees that night, and no amount of clothing could have saved Jackson.

"She just couldn't get out," he said.

Jackson's niece, Natasha Harden, says her aunt cherished her extended family as much as her own.

"There wasn't a grandchild or niece in the family that she didn't love, nourish and care for," she said.

Family members say they find it difficult to accept the bizarre circumstances of Jackson's death.
They say she frequented the drop box, which sat just a few blocks from her house.
"She loved going down there," said Harden.
The family just cannot imagine why her last trip ended so tragically.
"If we could just see it's an accident, that's closure," Harden said.  "We can rest at night."
Police say they have no reason to suspect foul play.

"It was a very unfortunate and tragic accident," said Pearson.

A final report from the medical examiner is still pending.