Rep. Bright back in Montgomery looking for economic input

Montgomery, Ala. (WSFA) -- Rep. Bobby Bright was back in Montgomery on Monday to find out what local voters think about the President's stimulus package.  The congressman shook hands and talked to patrons at the Capitol Inn Restaurant while enjoying some home cooking you can't get in Washington, D.C.

Bright said the President is trying to get a bi-partisan package passed with Republicans input, but GOP members just did not want to compromise.  He said he voted against the economic package because he had some major concerns.

"I am not going to vote on something I don't feel comfortable with, and the people don't want me to do that.  It was too heavy with soft projects and programs that I don't think would be proper to re-invigorate our economy and with that I had no other option than to vote against it," said Bright.

Bright also feels there needs to be an oversight program set in place to make sure the money is put toward the right investments.