Hyundai sales up 14%

U.S. automakers had miserable sales in January, huge drops compared to a year ago.  However, the news isn't so bad for foreign car makers.  In fact, Hyundai which builds two models in Montgomery reports a sales increase.

Hyundai reported sales are up more than 14% to 24,512 units in January from 21,452 units in January 2008.  Parts of the sales are being attributed to their new assurance program, which allows a buyer to bring their new car back if they lose their job.  "We really feel like the Hyundai Insurance Program really drove people to the showroom," says Robert Burns HHMA spokesman.

Hyundai sold more than a thousand of its genesis alone last month.  The Montgomery made Sonata remains the company's top seller with 8, 508 sales last month, up 85% from last year.  The other vehicle built in Montgomery, the Santa Fe, sold about 5,000 units.