Wiregrass Newsroom: Residents praise Coffee county sheriff's office

Coffee county, AL (WSFA) -- 19 destroyed meth labs and 90 arrests later, Coffee county sheriff's deputies are breathing a sigh of relief.

"We have, I think, eliminated a lot of our drug problems in this county," says Coffee county Chief Deputy, Ronnie Whitworth.

Operation Pseudo took deputies on a quest, eliminating methamphetamine operations, seizing guns, and sending 30 people to jail.  Whitworth says it was no easy task.

"There was a lot of overtime.   We had a lot of manpower.   If it wasn't for their dedication, and them wanting to do it, we couldn't have done it.   I mean, it took a lot of effort to do it."

Sheriff's deputies say they logged more than 600 overtime hours during Operation Pseudo.   And they're hours that members of First Baptist Church in Elba appreciate.

Ed Compton is the director of the church's men's fellowship group.   This month he's inviting special guests to speak--members of the sheriff's department.

"This is an opportunity just to give them recognition for the work that they do.   And to say thanks to them for the things that they're doing. I just wanted to give them a pat on the back for it," says Compton.

But Compton isn't the only one.   Another member agrees.

"I think they're doing a good job, I admire them for it.   I'd love to see it completely eradicated.   Whatever means it takes, I admire them for it.  I support them wholeheartedly," says church member Marjorie Morrow.

It's support the department says they couldn't do without.

"You couldn't ask for anything to be more supportive than our communities. I mean, it has been one phone call after another, a pat on the back," says Whitworth.

While Operation Pseudo is over, deputies say their anti-drug mission isn't.

Reporter: Melissa McKinney