Wiregrass Newsroom: Big sales at Habitat's Restore shop

Dothan, AL (WSFA) -- Leisa Richards is a regular at Habitat for Humanity's Restore shop.

"I love the Restore.  I go everyday!" says Richards.

Not only are the discounted goods easier on her wallet right now, but it's a chance for her to find...

"Treasures! You never know what you're gonna find when you get there!" she says.

Richards, who owns Ronnie's Paint and Body shop next to Habitat for Humanity, says her office is filled with treasures from next door.

"I bought the countertop from Habitat. I bought the chairs, the tables, the bookcase."

She's just one of the many people taking advantage of what directors say is a world of remodeling possibilities.

"We have our building materials like windows and doors, and sinks and cabinets," says Materials Procurement manager, Paitra Patterson.

From sinks to wallpaper, Habitat directors say sales doubled from the end of December to the end of January. And it's the largest increase they've ever seen.

"People are looking at ways to still rehabilitate their homes at a discounted price. Unfortunately the economy is like it is, but at least we can provide families a way to still get things done in their homes," says Patterson.

And for Habitat, money in the register goes straight towards their goal of eight new homes in 2009.

That's why Leisa says everyone should visit.

"It helps other people if you spend your money there. Somebody else can get a home."

It's a restoration station, and a chance to give back.

Reporter: Melissa McKinney