Wiregrass Newsroom: Sunday alcohol sales decision in citizens' hands

Dothan, AL (WSFA) -- Mrs. Boomers, located on Montgomery Highway, doesn't sell alcohol on Sundays. But it's not because they choose not to.

The recent decision by the Alcoholic Beverage Control board to do away with dual licensing caught the restaurant in a squeeze.

"We moved, so we went to renew our license and get our Sunday club license too, and we were told unfortunately we just fell under the jurisdiction of a new rule," says Mrs. Boomers assistant manager, Nate Russler.

But for managers at Mrs. Boomers, everything may be about to change.

The Dothan city commmission met friday for a work session.  On the agenda was whether restaurants can sell alcohol on Sundays between one in the afternoon and midnight.

"Those businesses came here and it was part of their business plan, and I don't think we should change rules mid-stream," says Dothan Mayor, Pat Thomas.

Voters will have the final say.  And one Dothan resident feels voting it down could hurt the city financially.

"In these economic times, revenues are down.  Why push them down any further?  They need every source of revenue they can get and so does our government from a tax standpoint," says Tim Morrow.

But leaders say giving the people the final word is the best action to take.

"It is the solution the ABC board has asked for," says Thomas.

The city commission hopes to vote on the option next week.  If six out of seven commissioners vote yes, it will then go to the state.

If passed by the state, Dothan citizens would see it on the ballot July 14th.

Reporter: Melissa McKinney