ONLY ON WSFA 12 NEWS: Murder suspect's brother speaks

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) -- Robert Gamble sits in shock, just feet from the spot police say his brother, Demarcus Peck, stabbed another man

six times

after a fight got out of hand.

"It just happened all at once, real fast. Nobody had no control. Nobody could stop it. It just happened," Gamble said.

Investigators say this type of thing has happened before.  In 2007, police say Peck shot another man, Tyrone Washington, dead--just down the street.

Authorities quickly arrested him then and charged him with murder, but a judge let him out on bond.

Neighbors say they're outraged Peck even had the chance to commit a crime.

"I don't believe murderers should ever have a bond.  They shouldn't get back out on the street, because if they kill once, they'll kill again," said Charles Holmes.

Police agree with that philosophy.  Robert Gamble, on the other hand, felt a different way--at least until the crime took place.

"You have some repeat criminals change their lives.   The only thing we can do is hold trust.  Maybe they'll do right, and maybe they won't go astray," Gamble suggested.

Still, he admits justice needs to run its course.

"You have to stand on your own, too.  I hate it for my brother, but he has to learn for his own mistakes," Gamble explained.

NOTE: Friday, a judge set bond for Peck's newest murder charge: $75 thousand.  However, authorities revoked bond for the 2007 murder charge.  Jail officials say he's not going anywhere.

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