Shoplifting dog returns to scene of crime

They say criminals almost always return to the scene of the crime...
They say criminals almost always return to the scene of the crime...

Just before christmas, a shoplifter was captured on security cameras stealing from a grocery store. But it wasn't just any thief. This one had four legs.  The thief was discovered and was brought back to the scene of the crime.

Returning to the scene of the crime in a Hummer, Akira took it easy this time, riding instead of walking.

The 11-year-old Siberian Husky seemed eager for a return visit to the grocery store.

Just before Christmas, surveillance video captured a mysterious dog, making a clean getaway with a stolen rawhide bone. The Stirling family suspected Akira was the bad guy and brought her back to face the music.

Store manager Roger Adamson said "yeah there's no question. That looks exactly like the dog. "

The verdict was unanimous from store employees.

When they turned her loose, she followed her nose, straight for the good stuff.

After sniffing around a bit, the first aisle she explored was aisle 16, the pet aisle, paying particular attention to the rawhide bones.

When asked if he's feeling proud or guilty, the dog's owner, John Stirling, said "a little bit of both definitely."

Akira lives here, a long way away. An electronic fenceline is supposed to give her collar a jolt if she tries to leave, when it works.

Here's the Walt Disney "Incredible Journey" part. To get to the Smith's store in Murray, she must have walked from Cottonwood Heights, crossing under two freeways, 5.9 miles.

After ripping off the bone, a round trip of nearly 12 miles.

John Stirling said "we're definitely feeding her, she has boxes of treats in the cupboards."

Dogs are still outlawed here. So akira has to leave. As for the shoplifting charge, well.

Roger Adamson said "we usually handcuff them. But we only have one set of handcuffs."

This time around, Akira stopped at the cash register. Her family paid twice, once for a fresh bone, and once more for the one that got away.