Editorial: Digital Transition

It is disheartening that our federal government has taken a positive action - the sunset of analog television in favor of digital television - and made it a political mess.

Digital television is an exceptional advancement from analog television - akin to going from black and white to color.

You can avail yourselves of that opportunity now - despite government imposed delays of the official transition date to June 12.

We program three digital channels and have for several years now.  Try them!

We installed two new digital transmitters for our post transition channel - digital 12 - and had hoped to fire them up next week - giving viewers a more powerful digital signal than we broadcast now.

But the Federal Communications Commission forced us to stay on our pre-transition digital channel - 14 -  for now following the Congressional mandate to move the transition date.

We have the option to turn off the analog next week, but we wouldn't be able to provide you with the very best digital signal or have a backup transmitter for it if it failed - since both were contingent on us moving to digital 12.

The new law does offer one plus for some who have expired coupons for a converter box - you can now reapply for new coupons.

But it didn't take out the mandate to continue to run promotional spots about the transition!

Bottom line, we will continue to offer both analog and digital signals beyond next week so for those who told us you wanted more time, you win and those who told us you didn't, you win as well!