Opp police nab suspects in possible burglary ring

OPP, AL (WSFA) - An Opp police officer on routine patrol has nabbed several suspects in an apparent burglary ring.

The Opp Police Department says the officer was in the area of Lemar Plaza when he noticed a vehicle parked in front of the DataNet store just before the 3am hour Saturday. When the officer approached the car a man ran from the store, jumped in the vehicle and fled the scene.

After a short police chase the car crashed and a man inside the vehicle ran into the woods. The suspect was later identified as William Kay Colburn, 30, of Samson, Alabama.

The Covington County Sheriff's Department brought out a K-9 team, which quickly picked up Colburn's scent. He was arrested a short time later.

Another suspect, Shaina Pray, 30, also of Samson was inside the car and was taken into custody.

Colburn and Pray are charged with burglary and theft of property after six laptops from the DataNet store were found in their possession.

And the two may be involved in other burglaries. A further investigation by Opp police is implicating the suspects in burglaries in Troy, Enterprise, Andalusia, Dothan and some rural areas of Coffee County.

Investigators from all of those areas are now working together.