Fort Deposit council hears complaints about crime

By Mark Bullock - bio | email

FORT DEPOSIT, AL (WSFA) - The Fort Deposit city council Monday heard complaints from residents who insist that something has to be done about crime in the city. Recent burglaries, robberies and shootings have many people concerned that crime in the area is on the rise.

"The break-ins and the robberies, it's just a continuous thing," complained Faye Good. "Until we can get our hands around this, our town is suffering."

But with only one full-time police officer, there's not much more the city can do. Council members said Monday they established a new commission to look for solutions.

"We have formulated a citizen review committee to work with police and the council to look at some of the problems that we can focus on as far as patrolling the community and making sure we have enough officers on duty," said council member Albert Means.

Council members say they are also looking for ways to attract new industry to Fort Deposit, which could help raise the needed revenue to hire additional police. Residents say crime is one reason why a number of businesses have left the city.

In addition to police, Lowndes County sheriff's deputies are also charged with patrolling Fort Deposit.